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Submission Deadline & New Publishing Schedule

We’re wildly behind on submissions, but are hard at work now to catch up. Thank you so much for your patience and continued support!

We’re moving down to two publications per year, which at this point are scheduled for mid-March and mid-September. 

Our deadline for the next issue is February 26, 2014. If you’re still waiting to hear on a previous submission, sit tight–you should get a response very soon. 


Issue 8 is here!

We’re excited to bring you issue 8, back online after our print issue this spring. This issue features some great poetry and prose as well as our first multimedia piece. Enjoy!


Issue 7 Out Now!



Issue 7 is out now! Click here to order your copy of our first print issue. This will take  you to our submissions page, and you can choose to order issue 7. The list price is $12, and shipping is free within the United States.

Carson Prize Winners Chosen

After much deliberation, we’re pleased to announce the names of our finalists for the Carson Prize.

Winner: Adrian Sobol for his poem “Dear America”
1st Runner-up: Jeffrey Haynes for his poem “Elegy for Pit Ponies”
2nd Runner-up: Esteban Mendez for his poem “I Can Be the Boss Daddy”
3rd Runner-up: RJ Ingram for his poem “Pontius Pilate Drinking Gin & Tonic”

Congratulations also to our talented semifinalists, listed in no particular order:
Carrie Lorig & Russ Woods for their poems “Roots Were Under” and “I Grew Up There as a Root Only”
Dillon J. Welch for his poem “E.L. James is Writing Me into Her Next Novel”
Robert Miltner for his poem “Eurydice Rising”
Michael Lambert for his poem “[I’m twenty-one years old & sitting bitch in my father’s 1984 Ford F-150.]”
Emma Bolden for her poem “Let’s Talk About the Weather, That’d Probably Be Best”
Allie Marini Batts for her poem “Chronograph”
Alex Collins-Shotwell for her short story “His Tongue or Theirs”
D.E. Lee for his short story “The Face of the Little Wife”

We’re honored to have the chance to feature such fine work. Thanks to all who submitted!

Carson Prize Update

Submissions for the Carson Prize contest have now closed. Thank you so much to the hundreds of entrants who have offered us their work. Thanks also to those entrants who were kind enough to include donations with their submissions. Your generosity helps keep this magazine running.

Semifinalists are being contacted on a rolling basis; all semifinalists will be offered publication. We hope to announce the names of our four finalists in December, all of whom will receive publication and a contributor copy, and hopefully by Christmas we’ll announce the name of the winner, who will receive publication, two contributor copies, and a $100 cash prize.

Thanks again, and good luck to all contest entrants!

B-Movie Edition Murdered with Rusty Chainsaw

Well folks, we discovered something while reading submissions for our B-Movie Edition. Most of you are just too good for us. You couldn’t make yourself write terribly if you tried. Which you did, valiantly, and we thank you. Some of you came awful close, but there just wasn’t enough rotten writing to fill a whole issue. We may, however, feature B-Movie pieces individually on our site from time to time, so keep watching for announcements related to that, and thanks again to everyone who gave it a shot.

Announcing the Carson Prize in Poetry or Prose

We’re pleased to announce the Carson Prize in Poetry or Prose, a writing contest that will present one winning writer with a $100 award and publication in our first print issue, to be published in early 2013.

The Carson Prize is open to all writers in all genres. We’ll read work from established or emerging authors. We welcome submissions from writers of any nationality. As with our general submissions, we will judge entries on merit alone–all submissions should exclude names or any other identifying information.

This contest is free to enter–there is no reading fee whatsoever. We welcome entrants to submit up to five poems of any length or up to two prose pieces (8,000 words or less per piece). If you feel that your submission blurs the line between prose and poetry, select one of the categories and we assure you it will be passed on to the appropriate editors.

The author whose work is deemed most worthy of the Carson Prize will be awarded $100 and publication in the print issue, along with two contributor copies. Only one monetary award will be given, but three finalists will be published in the print issue and will receive one contributor copy, and all entries will be considered for publication in either the print issue or a future online issue. We do accept simultaneous submissions, but if your piece is accepted elsewhere, you must withdraw it immediately. This contest is only open to writing that has not been previously published.

The deadline for this contest is November 15, 2012.

To enter, visit our submissions manager and submit your piece under the Carson Prize category. We will not accept entries via email or post. This contest is fee-free, but we will have two options at the time of submission: you may enter with no fee at all, or you may choose to include a donation with your entry. Donations will in no way influence the judges’ decisions. Please ensure that your entry does not include your name or other identifying information at any point, even in the file name. We’ll know who you are when the time comes–we promise.

Kickstarter Campaign a Success!

The kickstarter campaign for Mixed Fruit‘s first print issue was a success, which means that we’ll be putting out our first physical magazine in early 2013, and we couldn’t be more excited. More information will come as we hammer out the details.

We are extremely grateful to the many generous donors who supported our campaign–we couldn’t pull this together without you!

B-Movie Edition Submission Deadline

A few questions have come in about the deadline for the B-Movie Edition. We’ll be accepting submissions for this issue until October 1st, at which time this category will close. All other categories will remain open throughout the B-Movie submission period and beyond.
Now go write something bad!

Issue 6 is here!