#safetytipsformen – Taylor Swift poetry by J. Bradley
the topography of the l train beneath the east river poetry by Keegan Lester
The Game or One of its Many Variants poetry by Chris Emslie
One Torn Pocket Spilling Out nonfiction by Rich Ives
The Psychopathology of a Head Full of Eggshells nonfiction by Ruth Baumann
Hyperventilating is Almost Like Meditation nonfiction by Ruth Baumann
A Tic in the Liquid Toc multimedia by Amy Childress
Army-Dillo cover art by Arelis Resto*



Arelis Resto currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida, but has little interest in settling there.  Once she receives her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and Bachelor of Arts in English, she aspires to travel north and attain an MFA in her passion, painting.  Aside from art, she is also passionate about modern literature, surrealism, green tea, and the scent of Japanese cherry blossoms.