Carson Prize Winners Chosen

by Mixed Fruit

After much deliberation, we’re pleased to announce the names of our finalists for the Carson Prize.

Winner: Adrian Sobol for his poem “Dear America”
1st Runner-up: Jeffrey Haynes for his poem “Elegy for Pit Ponies”
2nd Runner-up: Esteban Mendez for his poem “I Can Be the Boss Daddy”
3rd Runner-up: RJ Ingram for his poem “Pontius Pilate Drinking Gin & Tonic”

Congratulations also to our talented semifinalists, listed in no particular order:
Carrie Lorig & Russ Woods for their poems “Roots Were Under” and “I Grew Up There as a Root Only”
Dillon J. Welch for his poem “E.L. James is Writing Me into Her Next Novel”
Robert Miltner for his poem “Eurydice Rising”
Michael Lambert for his poem “[I’m twenty-one years old & sitting bitch in my father’s 1984 Ford F-150.]”
Emma Bolden for her poem “Let’s Talk About the Weather, That’d Probably Be Best”
Allie Marini Batts for her poem “Chronograph”
Alex Collins-Shotwell for her short story “His Tongue or Theirs”
D.E. Lee for his short story “The Face of the Little Wife”

We’re honored to have the chance to feature such fine work. Thanks to all who submitted!