The Closest I Mean to I Lust You

by Anne Barngrover

I want you purple potatoes. I want you finger-
lings strong. I want you rainbow
carrots. I want you pink-eyed
peas. When I say you I mean you there—sweet
pickles in bathtub jars. Parlay of peaches.
Mayhaw pepper jam. I want you
pecan oil. I want you raw
honey in drums. I want you risen
and loaves. Orange nut want. Sour cream
want. Almond lemon poppy seed want.
When I say want I mean cloves
of want, slices of want, lickfuls and lickfuls and
wet spot. I want you muskmelon.
I want you pod and pole. When you come
around the air is meringue and moonshine.
Dirt slurs like pudding where we seed to flower.


Anne Barngrover’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in such journals as Indiana Review, Nimrod, Hayden’s Ferry Review, and Smartish Pace, among others. She will be a PhD candidate in Poetry at the University of Missouri beginning this fall.