by Olga Rukovets

The questions that hide in our cheeks when we say hello when we kiss each other sideways when we wish we had never met when we say this is growing up this is falling apart when we play topsy turvy we play house we play you left without a word with our kids in the backseat with a broken fender with our suitcase from Spain

like if we never learned to pray
as children
can we still ask
god for help now

or when a muskrat
is bleeding
under the shade of your car
is he doing it with a vengeance?


Olga Rukovets lives and works in New York City. She enjoys finding typos in published works and never refuses (free) coffee. Her work has appeared in 5×5, Brink Magazine, Opium Magazine, Breadcrumb Scabs, and Philly Flash Inferno.