Two Poems by Sasha Debevec-McKenney
Sex Stories
fiction by Jane L. Carman
fiction by Jonathan H. Scott
To All Abandoned Cars poetry by Matthew James Babcock
A Tap on the Glass  fiction by Joe Ponepinto
Five Poems in Translation by Laura Merleau
Rebreather  poetry by Ruth Foley 
Orange Cut  cover art by Fabio Sassi*

*Fabio Sassi is an experienced musician (he used to play harp in a blues band), photographer, and writer. He’s been a visual artist since 1990, making acrylics with a stencil technique on canvas, board, old vinyl records, or other media. He uses logos, icons, tiny objects, and shades to create weird perspectives. Many of his subjects are inspired by a paradox, either real or imaginary, and by the news. He often thinks of new subjects while cycling. Fabio lives in Bologna, Italy.